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ASCI 122: Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare - Smith (Spring 2022)

This guide provides resources and guidance for the course's Deliberative Projects.

Deliberation Assignment

The goal of this assignment is to make you aware of some of the more complex and controversial issues in animal welfare. In order to deliberate comprehensively, you will need to identify the positions of key stakeholders, tie these to (potentially conflicting) ethical values, generate alternative solutions, and determine which would have the best outcome.

About This Guide

Four parts of this class guide provide resources to assist you with researching your topic:

  1. How to evaluate information, including websites, for credibility.
  2. How to recognize and evaluate different types of articles.
  3. Where to find information on your topic, especially if a law or legal case is involved.
  4. How to use Google to your advantage.

The last tab takes you to the UVM Writing Center landing page. Writing Center services can assist with improving the quality of your final products.

If you have any questions, please contact your librarian, Christie Silkotch, via the information on this page.


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