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ANTH 250 Museum Anthropology - Dickinson (Spring 2021)


The resources in this guide will help you to learn more about the object that you have been assigned to research. Using a variety of resources (both primary and secondary) will help you to understand the cultural context of your object and how your object was produced, sold, purchased, and used and by whom. 

Context Setting Questions

Who Who produced the object? Who is the intended user of the object? Who is the intended purchaser of the object? Keep in mind ideas of social status, gender, age, race?

What What is the object? What is the intended use? Was it for everyday use or special use (a luxury item)? 

Where Where was the object produced? Was it imported? 

When When was the item produced and used? What were the big social, economic, cultural issues at this time? 

Why Why is this object significant and different than other similar objects?


Sample object

Starting Out

Quick starts - General



Google Books

UVM LIbraries Quick Start


Keeping Track

It is good practice to keep track of your searches, what worked for you, and what didn't.  It'll save you a lot of time, and a lot of duplication of effort.  Use this research log template to keep track of your research progress.