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About The Washington Post

Why and how to use The Washington Post (Proquest Historical Newspapers).

Why use this resource? This database is a digitized version of the microfilm edition of The Washington Post. Use to locate historical newspaper articles on almost any topic.

What's in this resource? Includes news; editorials; advertisments, editorial cartoons, and photographs. Covers dates 1877 to 1995. Some material from microfilm is not available due to copyright restrictions.


Current Events

Foreign Affairs


Political Science

US Government

Multiple subjects

Dates of Coverage
Truncation or Wildcard

Use * at end of a term will locate words with same root. Example: femin* finds feminine, feminist, feminism.

Use ? to replace a single letter anywhere in a word. Example: sm?th finds smith, smyth.
Phrase Searching

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.

Example: "Tonkin Gulf."

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