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Shelburne Pond, the H. Laurence Achilles Natural Area

Human History

A variety of sources provide information about Native American occupation, Euro-American settlement and land use during the nineteenth century, and development and management of the H. Laurence Achilles Natural  Area at Shelburne Pond.


Alberghini, Brian. Scond Dugout Canoe Recovered from Shelburne Pond. VAS Newsletter 30 (1980): 1-2.
Call number: F51 .V3 Special Collections


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Call number: F51 .V3 Special Collections


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Call number: F51 .V3 Special Collections


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Call number: E78.V5 A726 1984 Special Collections


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Call number: E78 .V5 H37 1994 Bailey/Howe 2nd floor, Special Collections


Petersen, J.A. Wolford, N.D. Hamilton, L. LaBar, and M.J. Heckenberger. Archaeological Investigations in the Shelburne Pond Locality. Annals of the Carnegie Museum 54 (1985): 23-76.
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Physical Characteristics, Site of Discovery and Method of Preservation of a Dugout Canoe Found at Shelburne Pond, Vermont.
Burlington, Vt.: Field Naturalist Program, University of Vermont, 1985.
Call number: F59.S55 P48 1985 Special Collections

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Call number: F51 .V3 Special Collections

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Call number: F51 .V3 Special Collections


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Call number: F57 .C56 C47 1882-1883 Special Collections


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Call number: F46 .V583 Reference, Special Collections


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Call number: F57 .C56 R36 1886 Special Collections


Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in the UVM Natural Areas office in Bittersweet House, 153 S. Prospect St.

*Conant, J., Moynihan, J., Milder, I., Bacon, J. Interpretive Master Plan.

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University of Vermont Environmental Program, Burlington, Vermont, 2000. 

Hub Vogelmann Remembers: Saving Shelburne Pond – Mr. Achilles and the Earliest Steps.
Shelburne News, February 27, 1995. p. 3
Call number: QUARTO F46 .S55 Special Collections

*Marrs, Brandon M. An Ecological Restoration Proposal for a Former Cattle Farm Located on the Northern Shore of Shelburne Pond in Shelburne, Vermont. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, 2005.

University of Vermont Natural Areas: A Resolution of the Board of Trustees, 1974.

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    Archaeologists remove dugout canoe from Shelburne Pond.