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Scholarly Metrics for UVM Faculty

Article Level Metrics


Altmetrics provide more granular article-level data about how your article is being viewed, shared, and cited.   Common altmetrics measure article downloads, abstract views, full-text views, scholarly community mentions and shares, social media reach, and mentions from news outlets.

Track Your Altmetrics


  • Impact Story is customized for the sciences.
  • Tracks article-level data from PLOS, Scopus, and Mendeley as well as Twitter and other social media.
  • Free trial available.  Subscription fee is $60 per year.

  • has created a suite of altmetrics tools for individuals, funding agencies, and academic institutions.
  • Provides data from news organizations, social media, and scholarly communities.
  • Individuals can download a free "Bookmarklet" tool for most browsers that provides altmetric data for one article at a time.

  • PlumX provides very robust article-level data including abstract views, PDF downloads, and full-text click throughs.  
  • Also provides data from social media, news outlets, and scholarly communities.
  • Institutional subscriptions available only.

Publish or Perish

  • Publish or Perish is one of the older tools used by scholars to track the reach of their research.
  • Download that runs on Windows or a virtual Windows environment on a Mac.
  • Uses Google Scholar data to provide a more extensive set of traditional impact metrics.