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REL 023A: What is the Bible? - Clark (Fall 2017)

Welcome to the Library!

This research guide is designed to help you complete your Research Project on the Babylonian Epic of Creation (Enuma Elish) or the book of Genesis.


Contact me directly via e-mail or telephone to ask a question or to schedule an appointment for a research consultation. I am always happy to work one-on-one with you to help you with your specific research topic.

What's In This Guide?

  1. Starting Points: Background Information: Familiarize yourself with a topic by using these individual subject encyclopedias and companions.
  2. Books: Library Catalog part of CATQuest. Guidance on searching the catalog for books in the library. Information on checking out and renewing books.
  3. Call Numbers & Subject Headings: Directions on how to find print books in the Bailey/Howe Library main circulating collection (2nd and 3rd floors).
  4. Articles: Religion article database (ATLA Religion) for locating articles in scholarly journals and chapters in books.
  5. Find the Article: sample citation unpacked; how to obtain an article when it's not full-text in the database.
  6. Websites: Curated list of open access, web-based bibles, maps, and ancient Mesopotamian texts.
  7. Evaluate Sources: Guides, charts and videos to help you evaluate your sources for usefulness, credibility, and quality.
  8. Cite & Write: Style, writing, and citation guides (e.g., MLA style, English-language dictionaries, grammar, etc.).
  9. Keyword Searching: Help with developing keywords for a topic, using variant spellings and synonyms, creating a keyword search.
  10. How to Read a Citation: Tips to help decipher citations found in bibliographies and at the end of journal articles.
  11. Tutorials: Selected list of interactive library research tutorials.

Liaison Librarian

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Patricia Mardeusz
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