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General Research Guide

Overview of research process

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      How to do research

      This guide will help you do research in Bailey/Howe Library.

      If you need to do a paper, presentation, project or other assignment, the UVM Libraries provide resources to support your work.

      Just click on the tabs above or the links below to explore the steps of the research process:

      1. getting started
      2. choosing a resource
      3. searching
      4. interpreting your results
      5. evaluating your information
      6. writing and revising your work
      7. citing your sources

      UVM librarians are happy to help students find information.  If you would like to contact a librarian, you can reach us by IM, email, phone or in person - just use the links in the "Want Help?" box on each page!

      Wherever you see the video icon you can click links in the "SHOW ME" box to view a short clip on the topic.

      PLEASE NOTE: links to video clips and "more detailed information" may lead to resources outside the University of Vermont Libraries' system.  You may not be able to access other libraries' subscription resources.


      Who's who in Bailey/Howe?

      Want to consult a librarian who is a specialist in your subject area?

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      Assignment Calculator

      Research is easier if you don't leave it until the last minute!  But how can you manage the many tasks required to finish a project on time?

      Some professors create scheduled assignments that tell you when to submit preliminary bibliographies, rough drafts, and final papers.

      You can also use an online assignment calculator to help you plan and carry out your project.

      Assignment Calculator