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About FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Plus

Why and how to use FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Plus

Why use this resource? FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives) portal to information and research on film and television. Most significant resources are The International Index to Film Periodicals and five key reference works: Encyclopedia of Early Cinema (Routledge), Routledge Companion to Film Studies, Oxford History of World Cinema, Critical Ideas in Television Studies (Oxford), Film Analysis: A Norton Reader.

What's in this resource? 1)International Index...: citations with abstracts (some with links to full-text) to articles and film reviews. 2) Full-text of five reference works. 3) Treasures from Film Archives: silent film holdings in archives around the world. 4) Documentation Collections: information about important international film archives, libraries, and educational institutions. 5) FIAF Affiliates' Publications: citations for books, pamphlets, programs, and other materials published since 1966 by FIAF archives. 6) Browsable/searchable list of @50 full-text film journals.


Film Studies, Television
Dates of Coverage 1972-present (articles & reviews)
Truncation or Wildcard * substitutes for one or more characters at the end of a word or root word
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