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ENGS 005H & K: Writing Science & Nature - Grosvenor (Fall 2017)

Welcome to the Library from "Your" Librarian!

This research guide is designed to help you complete your Research Essay Assignment (with a minimum of 6 sources*) and, as this course serves to help fulfill UVM's sustainability requirement, many resources in this guide address in some fashion the issues surrounding sustainability.


Contact me directly via e-mail or telephone to ask a question or to schedule an appointment for a research consultation. I am always happy to work one-on-one with you to help you with your specific research topic. As the library liaison to the English Department I will help you with your research for any English (or film) course.

*You'll use lots of online tools to find books, articles, etc. But not all Internet-based tools are the same.  (read an article about the "deep web" from CNN and from a scholarly journal).

What's In This Guide?

  1. Starting Points: Background Information: Familiarize yourself with a topic by using these encyclopedia and dictionary/handbook collections; individual subject encyclopedias.
  2. Search for Known Items: How to find a book or journal in the library when you know the title.
  3. Articles: Databases (multidisciplinary and subject-specific) for locating articles in scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. 3A. Sub-tab "Find the Article": sample citation unpacked; how to obtain an article when it's not full-text in the database.
  4. Substantive Magazines & Newspapers: Selected list of substantive magazines and newspapers; how to find articles in them. 4A. Sub-tab "Scholarly Journal Titles": extremely selected list of scholarly journals; how to find articles in them.
  5. Cite & Write: Style, writing, and citation guides (e.g., APA style, English-language dictionaries, grammar, etc.).
  6. How to Read a Citation: Tips to help decipher citations found in bibliographies and at the end of journal articles.
  7. Evaluate Sources: Guides, charts and videos to help you evaluate your sources for usefulness, credibility, and quality.
  8. Tips for Successful Research: How to choose and narrow a topic; how to create a keyword search.
  9. Tutorials: Selected list of interactive library research tutorials.

Searching Off-Campus?


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