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Data Management

Funding Agency Requirements: Data Management Plans (DMPs)

Recent Federal mandates require grant recipients to archive and provide access to data and encourage or expect the creation of data management plans (DMPs). Below are requirements of some of the main U.S. federal agencies:

​Different agency departments and individual proposal solicitations may provide additional information and guidelines for creating data management plans. Be sure to carefully review program solicitations for additional information.

DMP Checklists

To begin the data management planning process, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What type of data are being created and what are the file formats?
  2. How much data are being produced, and at what growth rate? Will the data change?
  3. How long should the data be retained?
  4. How will data be organized? What directory and file naming conventions will be used?
  5. Do you need data identifiers?
  6. Are there tools and software needed to render the data?
  7. What facilities and equipment will be required for the storage, preservation, and access of the data?
  8. Who will own and have access to the data?
  9. Who will be responsible for data management?
  10. Are there privacy, legal, ethical, or security requirements?
  11. Does the funder require a data sharing policy, data management plan, or other information?
  12. What policies (funding, institutional, and legal) apply to the data?
  13. Are the data properly described (metadata) and the overall project documented?
  14. How will you store and backup the data?
  15. Do you need to publish the data in a repository?
  16. How will data reuse be enabled and long-term preservation ensured after the original research is complete?


The DMPTool is a free service that helps researchers and institutions to create, review, and share high-quality data management plans that meet institutional and funder requirements.

UVM is not a partner institution, but individual researchers can create an account and log into DMPTool through the non-partner institution portal.