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Colchester Bog Natural Area

This guide identifies resources about UVM's Colchester Bog Natural Area.


Photo of Pine Siskin: All About Birds

Directions to the Colchester Bog boardwalk

You can access the bog via a boardwalk built by the UVM Natural Areas program adjoining the Airport Park in the Town of Colchester.

Colchester Bog, UVM Natural Area

Photo: Emily Jarvis

The 180-acre Colchester Bog Natural Area is located on a peninsula between two rapidly developing shoreline areas of Lake Champlain, just a few miles north of the city of Burlington. It includes an open peatland, shrub and tree dominated swamps, open water areas called laggs, a sand dune, and several adjacent uplands.  The bog itself consists of a forest dominated by a dense thicket of shrubs and trees and an open mat of sphagnum moss and sedges. The Colchester Bog Natural Area is a haven for a great diversity of flora and faunal species, making it a prime location for education, research, and the simple enjoyment of nature.  

Students in NR 378, Place-Based Landscape Analysis, compiled this guide about Colchester Bog. In the guide, you will find resources on:


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Prudence Doherty
Silver Special Collections, Billings Library
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