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Centennial Woods Natural Area


Bibliography of Centennial Woods documents housed in the UVM Natural Areas office in Bittersweet House, 153 S. Prospect St.
Includes reports on land use, management, archaeologically sensitive areas, and conservation easements.

Desmond, Ashley and Dave Brennan. Investigation of Hillslope Erosion in Centennial Woods, Burlington, Vermont. 2001. Student paper describes project undertaken for a UVM geology class. 

UVM Environmental Studies Undergraduate Theses

These theses are available at the Environmental Program, in the Bittersweet, during regular business hours, M-F, 8-4:30, and cannot be removed from the building.


  • Martha Klepack.  Reading a changing landscape: A natural history guide to Centennial Woods.
  • Corbett Tulip.  Trail network assessment and recommendations for Centennial Woods Natural Area, Burlington, Vermont.
  • Leah Szafranski.  Creating a website to encourage good citizenship principles for visitors to Centennial Woods Natural Area.
  • Mallory Graves.  How to effectively protect natural areas: an assessment of Centennial Woods to determine appropriate boundaries.
  • Justin Tietjen.  Stream restoration in Centennial Woods Natural Area.
  • Elaine Vidal.  Urban sanctuary: The value of natural areas.
    Also available in the Special Collections at Bailey/Howe.
  • Andrew Boggs.  A Study of the social, biological, and legal constraints affecting the management of Centennial Woods Natural Area, and a site conservation plan.