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HCOL 186K Women & Fairy Tales in Europe (Spring 2018)

Best Tools for Locating Books

Tips for Finding Books

These tips are for CATQuest but can also be applied to other tools used to search for books such as WorldCAT.

Note: When looking for books in CATQuest always limit the search to the Library Catalog

What You're looking For Recommended Search Strategies
A book where you know the title or author

When searching for titles exclude the leading article:

Example: Golden age of folk and fairy tales [in title]

When searching for books by an author type the last, first:

Example: zipes, jack [author/creator]

Books about a specific person

Search for the name as follows:

Example: Last, First [in Subject]

Books on a topic

When looking for books on a topic use a mix of keywords and use both broad and specific specific searches:

Example: fairy tales AND gender

Example: Grimm AND gender

Literary Criticism

Add the the following phrase as one of your keywords in your search:

Example: criticism [in Subject]