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REL 095A: Altars of Black Atlantic - Brennan (Fall 2017)

Library Catalog

The Library Catalog locates books, journals (not articles), microfilm, dvds, cds, and U.S. documents (1976->) owned by the UVM Libraries. There are two versions of the catalog: CATQuest version and the Classic Library Catalog.

Classic Library Catalog

The Classic Library Catalog
In addition to CATQuest, the Classic Library Catalog  provides another search interface to locate books, journals (not articles), microfilm collections, audiovisual materials, and U.S. documents (1976->) owned by UVM.

Guided Keyword looks for occurrences of words anywhere in the Library Catalog record (title, author, subject heading, etc.).

Use "and" to narrow your search down and focus onto your specific topic by combining two or more terms. All terms must be present.
Tip: In the Library Catalog, choose "all of these" instead of typing "and" between your terms, e.g., forests health [all of these]

Use the "or" connector to combine synonyms or alternative terms that have a similar meaning. ANY of the terms must appear in the same record. This broadens your search.
Tip: In the Library Catalog, choose "any of these" instead of typing "or" between your terms, e.g., lakes ponds [any of these]

  • Tip: Use ? to truncate: [environment? finds environment, environments, enviornmental, environmentally, environmentalism, etc.]


Check Out a Book

Bring book/s to the Circulation Desk, located next to the library's entrance. Your student ID serves as your library card. The loan period for undergraduate students is 4 weeks. You may request a renewal if you still need the book/s after the due date.
Check out as many books as you need.

Find a useful book in the stacks? Browse in that area to discover other books that might be useful.

Renew Books

Books that are not overdue may be renewed online.

The link Renew a Book is on the Library Homepage, under the category "Services".


CATQuest is a search engine that provides information about, and access to a wide variety of materials from the UVM Libraries and beyond.  It is the default search box on the library's home page.

To search the Library Catalog using CATQuest:

1) Click on the Advanced Search link in the CATQuest search box on the library's home page; then select Library Catalog from the box that says Search on the right, which defaults to CATQuest.

Search tips using Advanced Search:

  1. To search by topic:  
    • focus and narrow your search by combining concepts - one concept on each line - an AND is assumed between lines
    • an asterisk * at the end of a word part adds variant endings onto your root word and adds depth and flexibility to your search. ex: enviro* retrieves: environment, environments, environmental, environmentalist, environmentalism, etc.
    • search phrases in quotes, or by selecting "phrase" from the pull-down menu that defaults to "contains"
    • broaden your search by using OR (in caps) between synonyms or related terms (on a single search line)
    • use quotes around phrases that are separated with OR on a single search line  ex: "global warming" OR "climate change"

KEYWORD SEARCH (books on a subject or topic)

A keyword search finds search terms in any part of the catalog record (e.g., title, author, subject heading, etc.).

Note:  The best way to perform a keyword search in the CATQuest version of the Library Catalog is to use the Advanced Search function.

Sample Search in Advanced Search mode: