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ANTH 141: Death, Dying, and Disposal - Kroll-Lerner (Fall 2017)

Where to Start?

To the right is a list of recommended databases to help you locate articles in the field of anthropology. 

  • An excellent and recommended database to start your literature search is: Academic Search Premier.
  • Use AnthropologyPlus to search the anthropology and related literature. (can search simultaneously with Academic Search Premier by clicking on the Choose Databases link at the top of the screen.)
  • Use AnthroSource to search the journal literature published by the American Anthropological Association.
  • JSTOR is excellent for older articles but generally does not include articles published in the past 5 years.

Finding Scholarly Articles

Finding Magazine/ Popular Articles

1.  Go to the database, Academic Search Premier.

2.  Construct and run your search.

3.  Once you get your list of search results, on the left side of the screen, apply the limit to the source type: Magazines.