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REL 020A: Comparing Religions - The Wheel and the Cross - Trainor (Fall 2017)

Library Catalog

The Library Catalog locates books, journals (not articles), microfilm, dvds, cds, and U.S. documents (1976->) owned by the UVM Libraries. There are two versions of the catalog: CATQuest version and the Classic Library Catalog.

Search for Books in the Library using the Library Catalog-CATQuest

In this catalog there are two ways to search for books (and films). Both methods are effective under certain circumstance, so it's often best to use both.

  1. Use Library of Congress Subject Headings (standard terms used by the Library of Congress to describe the content of a book) in the Browse search mode to locate books on your topic. These subject headings are found in the "Full  Record."  When you perform a subject heading search, only the Subject Heading field is searched.
  2. Use your own words (Keyword search) in the Advanced Search mode to locate books on your topic. The computer searches for your words anywhere in the record, not just the subject heading field. While this type of search yields more results, many of the books will not be relevant to your topic. NOTE: you can combine words in a Library of Congress Subject Heading with your own words.

Tip! To view the most recently published books at the top of your list of results, sort by "Date-newest" instead of Relevance or Title.

HELP: The CATQuest User Guide serves as an introduction to the discovery tool CATQuest.   How to Search CATQuest is a guide for finding books in the UVM Libraries (the Library Catalog). Brief interactive tutorial Searching the Libraries' Collections With CATQuest.

Search for Books - Subject Headings

Browse search ( Library Catalog-CATQuest)


Selected Subject Headings

 buddhism  spiritual life buddhism  protestantism  catholic church liturgy
 buddhism united states  religious life buddhism  protestantism united states  lord's supper catholic church  
 buddhism rituals  meditation buddhism  catholic church united states    lord's supper liturgy
 buddhism customs and practices    christianity united states    catholic church doctrines  lord's supper

Search for Books - by Keyword

Use the Advanced Search mode for the Keyword search.

And - combines terms; All terms must be present; narrows and focuses a search.  Example: buddhism AND rituals
Tip:  AND must be uppercase.

Or - combines synonyms or alternative terms that have a similar meaning; ANY of the terms must be present; broadens your search. Example: rituals OR rites
Tip: , OR must be uppercase

Tip: To search for a word/root word and all its possible endings, use the truncation symbol  * : [ceremon* finds ceremony, ceremonies, ceremonial]

Sample Keyword Search in the Advanced Search mode:

Browse the Stacks

Find a useful book in the stacks? Browse in that area to discover other books that might be useful. Most likely the books you find are on the 2nd floor, in the "B" call number range.

Check Out a Book

Bring book/s to the Circulation Desk, located next to the library's entrance. Your student ID serves as your library card. The loan period for undergraduate students is 4 weeks. You may request a renewal if you still need the book/s after the due date.

Check out as many books as you need.

Recall Books

If a book you need is checked out, you may Recall the book from the person who has it. The Library will contact you when the book is returned, and will be held for you at the Circulation Desk.

Renew Books

Books that are not overdue may be renewed online.

The link Renew a Book is on the Library Homepage, under the category "Services."

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