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REL 023A: What is the Bible? - Clark (Fall 2017)

Find Books in the Library

The Library Catalog locates books, journals (not articles), microfilm, dvds, cds, and U.S. documents (1976->) owned by the UVM Libraries. There are two versions of the catalog: CATQuest version and the Classic Library Catalog.

Find Books in Bailey/Howe Library - by Subject Headings

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Other useful subject headings: 
women in the bible
see also,  creation comparative and creation biblical teaching

Note:To perform a Browse Search (title, author, subject heading), click the CATQuest link in the "Research" section.

Finding books in the library with discussion of Enuma Elish can be challenging. This document below is a list of books (with call numbers) that may be useful for the study of Enuma Elish. Most are on the 2nd floor.

Find Books in Bailey/Howe Library - by Keyword

Note:  The best way to perform a keyword search in the CATQuest version of the Library Catalog, is to use the "Advanced Search" function.

Sample Search in Advanced Search mode:

Browse the Stacks

Find a useful book in the stacks? Browse in that area to discover other books that might be useful. Most likely the books you find are on the 2nd floor, in the BS call number range.

Check Out a Book

Bring book/s to the Circulation Desk, located next to the library's entrance. Your student ID serves as your library card. The loan period for undergraduate students is 4 weeks.

Check out as many books as you need.

Renew Books

Books that are not overdue may be renewed online.

The link Renew a Book is on the Library Homepage, under the category "Services."

Recall Books

If a book you need is checked out, you may Recall the book from the person who has it. The Library will contact you when the book is returned, and will be held for you at the Circulation Desk.