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ENGS 005H & K: Writing Science & Nature - Grosvenor (Fall 2017)

Selected List of Substantive Magazines Provided by the Library

Substantive magazines offer somewhat more in-depth coverage of news and current events/issues than popular titles, and are aimed at people who have no specialized training in an area but who want more analysis than a popular publication can offer. The authors are a mix of journalists, staff writers, and people who work in a field. Articles frequently refer to research studies, but the author writes about that research in an accessible way, often through a type of story-telling or through the lens of a specific event or person.

To search these journals individually and access the articles, use the Journal Title search:

 Journal Titles UVM affiliates only


Then click on the vendor link in the pop-up box.

Selected Titles




(2012- Resurgence & Ecologist)


Education Digest



Foreign Affairs

Foreign Policy

History Today

New Scientist

New Statesman

New Yorker

Psychology Today

Science News

Scientific American

Scientific American Mind


Sky & Telescope



Articles in Selected Substantive Newspapers

On the next screen, in Content Type, untick all boxes except for "Newspapers." On this screen you can enter your search terms and set date limits. Note!  Enclose a phrase within quotation marks. Truncation symbol is !  "polar bear!"