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THE 040: Fundamentals of Costuming - Thaler (Fall 2017)

Find Approximate Salaries of Clergy/Ministers

Provides salaries of ministers from 1890-1926 in the pdf document Annual earnings in selected industries and occupations: 1890–1926.
1. Click on the blue "Search" tab. In the search box, type -> salaries ministers
2. Click on the pdf  link for the table "Annual Earnings in Selected Industries and Occupations: 1890-1926."
3.  When viewing the table on the next screen, find the "Jump by" box at the top of the table. Click on the blue arrow to get to column  Ba4334 which is  "Ministers." Scroll down the list of years until you see the salary for 1926.
Then.....for the print and online version, use that salary in the Consumer Price Index Calculator to roughly estimate what a minister's salary was in 1940/41.