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FTS 009: History of Television (Morgan Parmett) - Fall 2017


Full-length Biographies

To find book-length biographies of filmmakers, use the Browse search function in CATQuest.  Click image below (Live Link!) to be brought to the Browse search function in CATQuest. Remember to select "By subject" in the pull-down menu.

  • Select "By subject" from the pull-down menu next to the search box
  • For an individual actor or director, type the name of the person - last name first name (e.g., welles orson). Look at the books listed under the main subject heading (e.g. welles orson) or the subheading "biography"

For books that contain biographical information on more than one person, use the following subject headings: "motion picture actors and actresses biography," "television actors and actresses," "television personalities," "actors," "actresses."