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English & American Literature : 19th Century


On this page you'll see Library and Internet resources specific to the study of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Gothic Revival in Literature. Note that resources on other pages in this guide (e.g., Articles: Literary Criticism, Reference, etc.) are equally important and should be used in conjunction with the resources on this page.


Articles & Book Chapters

Articles: Literary Criticism (article databases for locating literary criticism)

Find Books by Subject

Use Library of Congress Subject Headings* in the  Library Catalog to locate books on your topic. Click image below to be brought to the Browse search function in CATQuest. Remember to select "By subject" in the pull-down menu.

Some examples of Library of Congress subject headings on science fiction, fantasy, horror, gothic revival in literature:

science fiction history and criticism   fantasy fiction history and criticism
science fiction english history and criticism fantasy fiction english history and criticism
science fiction american history and criticism   fantasy fiction american  history and criticism
horror tales history and criticism  gothic revival literature history and criticism
horror tales american history and criticism gothic fiction literary genre english history and criticism
horror tales english [various subheadings] gothic fiction literary genre american history and criticism

NOTE: To find actual works in these genres, enter your subject search (e.g., science fiction) and omit any subheadings such as "history and criticism"

Find Literary Criticism for a Writer's Works

In CATQuest Advanced Search type the name of the writer in the top box. In the middle box type  criticism interpretation.  Limit search terms to Subject field. Limit entire search to "Library Catalog."