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HST 395: Home: History of an Idea (Fall 2017)

Today we are going to do a close examination of The Ladies' Home Journal and are going to collect our findings and easily organize and display them by creating a timeline using an open source tool called Timeline JS.

Each of you will be responsible for locating a set of items in the magazine (during a defined number of years) and entering them in a spreadsheet that powers the timeline.

Each item will also be associated with a broad theme:

  • Appliances
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Food & Table
  • Structure & Furnishings

Guide to the Data Table

Add Items to the Data Table

Go to the Google Spreadsheet* and enter the required data for each item you select to add to the collection.


  • Select your item from the journal prior to starting to fill in a row
  • When starting a new row choose first empty row on the page - use white & shaded rows, and leave no rows blank
  • Fill in the year first to claim the row

* The link to the spreadsheet has been removed from this page and sent to Professor McGowan

View the Resulting Timeline