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English & American Literature : Medieval-18th Century

literary research; historical, social, and cultural contexts

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On this page, find article databases and print bibliographies useful for literary research as well as article databases useful for historical, social, and cultural contexts.

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Journals (online and print)


NOTE: The Library does Not necessarily own every journal-or book-accessed through these databases. Use the Interlibrary Loan service to request books/copies of articles/copies of book chapters you need.

Most Useful for Literary Research (Medieval-18th Century)

Additional Databases Important to Your Research (Medieval-18th Century)

Books in Bailey/Howe Library

Literary criticism is also found in books. Circulating Collection (3rd floor. Call Number range: PN-PS)

Find Literary Criticism for a Writer's Works

In CATQuest Advanced Search limit entire search to "Library Catalog." Select "Books" from the list in the Resource Type category. Type the name of the writer in the top box. In the middle box type  criticism interpretation.  Limit search terms to Subject field.