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Nutrition & Food Science

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To search for additional journals, use our Journal Titles list. You can search by specific journal title, browse by subject (category) area, or use the citation linker to search for a specific journal article.

Recommended Databases


There are many tools available to help you keep track of information when you do research and help you to properly format citations in a variety of styles (APA, MLA, etc.).


Mendeley Desktop organizes your research paper collection and citations. It automatically extracts references from documents and generates bibliographies. Mendeley Web lets you access your research paper library from anywhere, share documents in closed groups, and collaborate on research projects online. Integrates with word processing software.
Mendeley Research Guide

Functions as a plug-in for Firefox. Easily save citations from library databases or the web by clicking on an icon in the address bar of your browser. Cite while you write capability with Microsoft Word (additional download).
Zotero Research Guide

Stand alone program for management and formatting of citations. Integrates well with Microsoft Word to produce citations while you write. Export citations from databases or use EndNote to search library databases. All UVM affiliates may download and use the software. EndNote is on most of the computers in the Reference Area.
EndNote Research Guide