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Public Health


Got 9 minutes? Watch these 3 tutorials.

  1. Use MESH to Build a Better PubMed Query - 3 min, 2 sec. How to use the most powerful feature of PubMed.
  2. The Best Advanced PubMed Techniques - 4 min, 40 sec.
  3. Google Scholar Cited Reference Searching - 59 sec.

Finding Articles by Subject

Selecting the right search terms in the right combination is essential for finding the articles you want. 

- Run multiple searches with synonyms and variations of your search terms.

- Reuse language and terminology that you encounter in your initial searches to inform your next searches.  

- Keep searching as you learn more reading the abstracts and full text of the articles that you find.

- Use AND to link your search terms and narrow your search.

- Use OR to link your search terms and broaden your search.

- Use a * after the root of a word to find variations on a term.
Example:   child*      Finds "child," "childhood," or "children".

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- Get the full text of an article.
- See if the Libraries have the article in print.
- If we don't own the article, fill out an interlibrary loan request

Search for Articles by Subject or Author

Public Health covers a particularly broad range of fields. Consider whether the articles you're looking for would have been published in medical and health sciences journals (PubMed), psychology and counseling journals (PsycInfo), education journals (ERIC), or one of the other fields below.

Get the Full Text of an Article

Copy and paste the entire article title (not the journal title) into the search box below.

CATQuest Search

Learn More About CATQuest

If  the article is not available online, you can order it for free through Interlibrary Loan. Articles will usually be sent to your email within a few days.

Find an Article by Journal Title

Discover Articles that Cite a Known Article

You probably already use article bibliographies to find older articles on the same topic. You can use citation searching to find more recent articles that cite a relevant older article that you already have.

These two databases can be searched like any other database, but also have a citation searching feature.