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How Do I Cite That with APA?

Website Citation Examples

Click on a link below to see that specific citation example.

Citing Websites Cheat Sheet

Citing a website can be hard because informaiton can be missing.  This cheat sheet will show you what to do when required pieces of information are not available.

General Reference Format for Websites

Information that you find on the web - such as web pages, blog posts, Twitter, etc. - generally follows this format:

Author, A. (year). Title of Document [Format Description].

Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxxx

It is important to remember, though, that online resources vary considerably so some information may not be available.  It can also be difficult to find certain pieces of information so you may have to dig around a bit to find it.

General Websites

This is an example of how you would cite a general web site.  Please see the APA Style Blog for a more detailed discussion on citing websites. 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT include a format descriptor for a regular web page. In other words, do not add [website] or something similar after the title. The format descriptor is only for specific online resources like blog posts, podcasts, etc.

Blog Post

This is an example from a personal blog post.  A blog post from a government agency or corporation would use the same format.

YouTube Video

This is a general example of how to cite a YouTube video.  Please consult the APA Style Blog for more detailed instructions.

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