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Find Your NetID and Set Your Password

Check the UVM Directory

If you don't know what your NetID is, you can find it very quickly by searching the UVM Directory.

 UVM Directory

To run a search:

  • Start typing your name in the search box
  • The computer will start to display matching results
  • Find your name in the results and click on it

When you click your name, the directory listing will pop open.  Your NetID should appear after your title as you can see here:

Directory Results

So, as you can see in this example, my NetID is gatwood

Research & Instruction Librarian

Gary Atwood's picture
Gary Atwood
81 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, VT
(802) 656-4488

Liaison to:
Medical Student Education: Clerkship
Medicine (PCIM)
Neurological Sciences
Nursing (UVM)