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About Mergent Archives

Why and how to use Mergent Archives

Why use this resource? To find 1) historical corporate annual reports back to the mid 1800s, 2) corporate histories and financial statements as far back as the early 1900s from the digitized archives of various Mergent Manuals (formerly Moody's Manuals), and 3) information about municipal securities issued by each U.S. state, Puerto Rico, and Guam (from the digitized archives of Mergent Municipal Manual).

What's in this resource? Full-text PDF documents; digitized and searchable copies of more than 400,000 annual reports covering over 60,000 international and domestic companies.






Dates of Coverage For Mergent Manuals, varies by manual as far back as 1909. For annual reports, varies by company, dating as far back as mid 1800s.
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