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Collaborate, share and discover

Share research papers

By inviting your friends or research group even, you can use the Shared Collections tool so that you have an easy platform to share information on. You can drag and drop any documents of interest in there and they are then available to your group for viewing or collective annotating.

The network also provides access to a vast database of research papers. Many of these are free to download so you will be able to add these to your library easily and efficiently. Papers found in libraries of your fellow researchers will no doubt be of use to you. This is a fantastic way to learn about new trends and research in your academic speciality.

Build your network of fellow researchers

Build your academic network of fellow researchers

The research network is made up of all the other Mendeley users. You will find that many have research interests similar to yours. You can connect and share ideas, papers, experiences and much more. You can conduct a people search or find other researchers connected to your specialist area through your current contacts too. You can also start off by inviting your colleagues and friends who work in the same research area.

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