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SWSS 227 - Foundations of Social Work Research

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Beginning Research for SWSS 227

Professor Widrick has asked you to find articles from journals within the field of social work.  As with any discipline, social work has it's own unique body of scholarship.  The discourse happening in social work literature is specifically focused on topics and issues faced by practitioners in the social work field.  While there is an interdisciplinary nature to any field, there is also a body of scholarship and ongoing discourse specific to it.  In this project you will be expected to limit yourselves to perspectives from within your own discipline. 

If you have concerns about judging whether or not a journal is considered to be a "social work journal," I suggest you do a web search with the journal's title and then find the publisher's webpage for that journal.  Publishers generally provide good descriptions of a journal's scope and intended audience.  If you continue to have questions, you can contact either myself or your professor.

Good luck!  Pick topics that interest you, and, above all, enjoy your research!