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SWSS 002: Foundations of Social Work

Guide Contents



Please use the resources in this guide to help with your assignment.  Under the "Find Articles" tab you will find databases in which to search for articles.  Social Services Abstracts is perhaps the most helpful database to search for articles specifically from Social Work Journals.  Please use this database first.  If you have a question about whether or not a journal is specific to the field of social work, the easiest way to get information about that journal is to do a web search with the journal's name and find the publisher's page for that journal.  Publishers' pages usually give a very good synopsis of the scope, academic discipline, and intended purpose of a journal.


Under the "Information Continuum" tab, you will find a brief overview of the types of publications you may encounter in your research.  Please keep in mind that you are required to use peer reviewed articles only for this assignment.


Under the "Citing Sources" tab, you will find information pertaining to APA 6th ed. citation style.  All of your citations should be in APA 6th.  If you experience a particularly sticky citation question, I suggest consulting the full APA 6th. citation manual.  You can find a copy on the bookshelf behind the Reference Desk in the Bailey Howe Library.


Remember, have fun with your research!  Pick an area of social work practice that interests you and see where your research takes you.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  My contact information is displayed in the box on the righthand side of this page.   Good luck!