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Why and how to use GREENR

Why use this resource? GREENR provides references to journal articles, magazine and news articles, statistical information, reference resources, and multimedia that focus on all aspects of the wide breadth of current environmental issues. Access points include a visual browse feature, a geographic map feature, and a basic and advanced search feature.

What's in this resource? GREENR includes citations with abstracts and some full text, full text of reference articles, statistical information, case studies, links to websites and blogs of interest, and podcasts and other multimedia presentations. Results are clearly broken down by information format.


Agriculture, Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Conservation, Energy, Environment, Geography, Human Rights, International Affiars, International Development, Natural Resources, Pollution, Water, Wildlife and Wildlife Management
Dates of Coverage
Coverage varies by title; primarily 1990s - present with prevelance of 2000 - present, and some earlier coverage
Truncation or Wildcard

* substitutes for one or several characters at the end of a word or root word

? substitutes for a single character within a word

Phrase Searching "climate change"
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