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GEOG 174: Rural Geography - Morse (Fall 2017)

Working Off Campus?

Click on the "Connect off campus" link green button on the library's home page at before you begin your research!

Then enter in your UVM Net ID and password, same as you do for Webmail and BlackBoard.

This enables you to use UVM Libraries electronic resources, such as journal article databases and the electronic journal collection.

Using Google Scholar from Off-Campus?

A couple options to connect you with the full text of articles to which UVM has electronic subscriptions:

1) After you have logged in from the "Connect off-campus" link on the main library home page, click on: Research databases (green button) --> select Google Scholar from alphabetical list


2) If you have the VPN (Cisco Anyconnect) installed on your computer, log into that first, and then go to:

Finding Articles for this class and others ...

Many professors will require that you focus on the scholarly journal literature as you conduct your research. Depending on the assignment, other professors may not have this requirement. However, it is important to be able to discern the scholarly, peer-reviewed journal literature from other types of periodical literature.

What is a Scholarly Journal?: Distinguishing between Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Periodicals


Here is a list of selected, recommended databases to help you find scholarly journal articles in the areas that encompass rural geography:


Need help?

If you need additional help with your research for this class, please don't hesitate to contact me.  We can set up a time to meet for an individual consultation, and work through all your research questions.