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Find Books in Bailey/Howe Library

These call number ranges hold a variety of books on acting and various aspects of theatre and drama.

PN 1560-1590 : Performing Arts PN 2000-3307 : Dramatic representation.  The Theater
PN 1600-3307 : Drama PN 2061-2071 : Art of Acting
Z 5781 : drama, plays, theatre bibliographies  

Books that may be checked out of the Library are on the 3rd floor (Call # PN).
Reference Books (main/1st floor): ROW 10 (Call #: PN)
Browse the Stacks : Find a useful book in the stacks? Browse in that area to discover other books that might be useful.

Theatre History - Find Books by Subject

Use Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)* in the  Library Catalog to locate books on your topic. Click image below (live link!) to be brought to the Browse search function in CATQuest.

Theatre History - LCSH examples

i.e., works on drama as acted on the stage
drama commedia dell'arte
theater history drama history and criticism theater greece
theater england history american drama history and criticism theater rome
theater great britain history english drama [look for time periods] classical drama
theater united states history english drama history and criticism latin drama
theater [region or country] history theater audiences greek drama
musical theater theater and society theater and state
playwright's name [look for subheading "stage history"]
(e.g., shakespeare william.....stage history)