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Special Topics - POETRY

On this page you'll see Library and Internet resources specific to the study of Poetry. Note that many resources on other pages in this guide (e.g., Articles:Literary Criticism, Reference, etc.) are equally important and should be used in conjunction with the resources on this page.



Find Literary Criticism for a Writer's Works in Books

Type the name of the writer (last name first name). Look for the subheading "criticism and interpretation."
Example: shelley mary wollstonecraft      [look for criticism and interpretation].

NOTE: Do not type "criticism and interpretation" after the author's name. The birth (and often death) date usually follows the name. Just type last name first name and then scroll down the list of subheadings until you see that subheading.

Articles: Literary Criticism (article databases for locating literary criticism)

Books in Bailey/Howe Library - Reference Collection (main/1st floor)

Guide to American Poetry Explication (2 volumes) / REF Z 1231 .P7 G85 1989
Poetry Explication: a checklist of interpretation since 1925 of British and American poems past and present / REF Z 2014 .P7 K8 1980
Guide to British Poetry Explication (4 volumes) / REF Z 2014.P7 M34 1991


Representative Poetry On-Line
Anthology of English language poetry (U.K., U.S., Canada), by @700 poets from Caedmon, in the Old English period, to the work of living poets today.

American Verse Project (University of Michigan)
Electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920.

Verse: Anthologies
This portion of contains a list of online versions of anthologies of British and American poetry published before 1923.

Electronic Poetry Center
Selection of contemporary American poetry by author (plus biographical information on authors).

Emily Dickinson Collection (Amherst College)
Includes original poems, manuscripts and letters from Dickinson to family and friends, spanning her life from 1830 to 1886.