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English & American Literature

Find Books in Bailey/Howe Library

These call number ranges hold a variety of books on American and English literature, and the study of literature. For a more detailed breakdown of the Library of Congress (LC) "P" classification, go to the LC Classification Outline for Language and Literature.

  • PN 1-6790 : Literature-general; Criticism
  • PR : British literature
  • PS : American [U.S. & Canada] literature
  • Z 2010-2014 : English literature - bibliography
  • Z 1225 : American literature - bibliography

Books that may be checked out of the Library are on the 3rd floor (Call #s PA-PS and Z 1225-2014).

Reference Books (main/1st floor)
ROWS 9-11 (Call #s: PA-PS) : Languages and Literatures
ROWS 13-14 (Call #s: Z 1225-2014 : Literature (English and American) bibliography

  Browse the Stacks

Find a useful book in the stacks? Browse in that area to discover other books that might be useful.

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find books in libraries worldwide. Use Interlibrary Loan to borrow books not owned by the Bailey/Howe Library.

Find Books by Subject

Use Library of Congress Subject Headings* in the   to locate books on your topic.


Type the LC subject heading. Select "Subject Heading" from the pull-down list next to the search box.

Some examples of Library of Congress subject headings on literary and language topics:

american literature history and criticism english literature history and criticism
english literature women authors history and criticism   american literature women authors history and criticism 
feminism and literature feminist criticism
postcolonialism in literature caribbean literature
american literature african american writers
history and criticism
harlem renaissance
english poetry 18th century history and criticism american poetry 19th century history and criticism
politics and literature
[look for subheadings...great britain,
united states, england, etc.]
individual author
[e.g. milton john]
modernism literature postmodernism literature
creative writing english language rhetoric
science fiction history and criticism  also
science fiction english history and criticism  also
science fiction american history and criticism
fantasy fiction history and criticism    also
fantasy fiction english history and criticism   also
fantasy fiction american history and criticism
horror tales history and criticism   also
horror tales american history and criticism  also
horror tales english [various subheadings]
gothic revival literature history and criticism   also
gothic fiction literary genre english history and criticism also
gothic fiction literary genre american history and criticism


Find Literary Criticism for a Writer's Works

Type the name of the writer (last name first name). Look for the subheading "criticism and interpretation."
Example: shelley mary wollstonecraft      [look for criticism and interpretation].

NOTE: Do not type "criticism and interpretation" after the author's name. The birth (and often death) date usually follows the name. Just type last name first name and then scroll down the list of subheadings until you see that subheading.

Find Books by Keyword

Guided Keyword Search

In the Classic Library Catalog use a Keyword search to look for genres and topics, especially if you're unsure of the Library of Congress (LC) Subject Heading. A keyword search finds the term anywhere in the library catalog record (e.g. author, title, subject headings, etc.).
When viewing the book record, look at the subject headings used to describe this topic and then also search by the correct LC Subject Heading. Also, use a keyword approach if you're searching for multiple concepts or topics.

Sample Search in Guided Keyword Search mode:

Catalog keyword search