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English & American Literature

Specific Time Period... (chronological)

Database of Middle English Romance (University of York)
For each romance, it provides date and place of composition (where known), verse form, authorship and sources, extant manuscripts and early modern prints, a full list of modern editions and a plot summary (both the modern edition and manuscript-where known-from which the summary is drawn, is indicated). Browse by title, or search by keyword, theme, or manuscript.

Digital Scriptorium
Image database of selected medieval and early Renaissance manuscript collections from many U.S. institutions.

Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Portal to electronic resources made available through Georgetown University. Resources are carefully selected from the Internet and include primary texts, secondary texts and articles, course materials, bibliographies, images, maps, and other items.

Erik Kwakkel - Medieval Book Historian (Leiden University, Netherlands)
medievalbooks Blog and Tumblr

Anthology and guide to English literature from the Middle Ages through the Eighteenth Century.

William Shakespeare
Shakespeare in Quarto, from the British Library, Discover Shakespeare, from the Folger Shakespeare Library, and Open Source Shakespeare (search text, concordance, and characters).

Victoria Research Web
Provides links to information about that support the scholarly study of all aspects of nineteenth-century Britain.

Victorian Web
Links to information about literature, history, and culture in the Victorian age.

Location Register of [20th-century] English Literary Manuscripts and Letters
Includes information about the manuscript holdings of British and Irish repositories of all sizes, from the British Library to small-town museums, and about literary authors of all genres, from major poets to minor science fiction writers and romantic novelists.

All Periods

Museum of the Moving Image - Moving Image Source Research Guide
Created and maintained by the Museum of the Moving Image, this is a "gateway to the best online resources related to film, television, and digital media." Note: some resources in the guide are not available to the general public.

World Digital Library
Created by UNESCO and the Library of Congress, provides free online access to world cultural treasures. Includes manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, and architectural drawings from a variety of countries, covering the time period 1200 BCE-2000 CE.

Digital Public Library of America
An all-digital library that aggregates information and thumbnails for millions of photographs, manuscripts, books, sounds, moving images, and more from libraries, archives, and museums in the United States.

British - History & Literature

British Library - Language & Literature
View images from the collections, read essays by scholars, and hear dialects spoken- all provided by the British Library.

British Library - History
View images from the collections, read essays by scholars, and hear dialects spoken- all provided by the British Library.

National Archives of the United Kingdom - Exhibitions
View many documents through the Archives' online exhibitions. The displays cover various periods using photographs, documents and film. Browse by Topic and by Historical Period.

Vision of Britain Through Time
Digital scholarly project, using geographic information systems (GIS) technology, which provides data from sources such as historical maps, census records, descriptive gazetteers, and election results. Also includes a digital collection of historical British travel writing by writers such as James Boswell (1773), Celia Fiennes (1690s), Daniel Defoe (1720s), William Cobbett (1820s). Each author gives a different perspective on the towns and villages they visited:

BBC - British History
Accessible guide to British history and culture. Created for the general reader.

Best of History Websites

U.S. - History & Literature

American Memory Project (Library of Congress)
A digital record of American history and creativity. Provides free Internet access to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. Collections, such as "Literature," may be browsed or searched by keyword.

National Archives of the United States
View many digitized U.S. historical documents and photographs. The Archives' online exhibitions cover various topics and highlight the Archives' rich collections. Useful for putting American literature into a historical context.

Best of History Websites - American History

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature A Research and Reference Guide
Research and reference guide to various literary periods and authors in American Literature. Lists biographies, bibliographies, and study guides for a large number of American writers.