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Find Books in Bailey/Howe Library

These call number ranges hold a variety of books on Classics.

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Books that may be checked out of the Library: 3rd floor. Reference Collection (non-circulating): main/1st floor Row 9

  • PA51–85 :      History, study & teaching
  • PA111–199 :   Greek & Latin Language
  • PA201–1179 : Greek Philology & Language
  • PA201–1179 : Greek Philology & Language
  • PA600–691 :   Hellenistic (κοινή) Greek
  • PA700–791 :    Biblical Greek
  • PA1001–1179 : Medieval & Modern Greek
  • PA2001–2995 : Latin Philology & Language
  • PA3000–3049 : Classical Literature (General)
  • PA3050–5868 : Greek Literature
  • PA6000  :         Latin Literature


Books that may be checked out of the Library: 2nd floor. Reference Collection (non-circulating): main/1st floor Rows 3-4

  • D51–90 :  Ancient History (General)
  • DE :  The Greco-Roman World
  • DF1-500 :  Ancient Greece (to c. 323 A.D.)
  • DG1–399 :  Ancient Italy, Rome to 476 AD
  • DS71–75 :  Ancient Iraq to 638 AD
  • DS81 :      Phoenicia
  • DS96 :     Ancient Syria
  • DS111–123 :  Ancient Israel
  • DS275–287 :  Iran to 651 AD
  • DT56–93 :  Ancient Egypt


  • B108–708 :  Ancient Philosophy
  • BL700–820 :  Classical Religion and Mythology
  • BL1600–1695 : Semitic (including Assyro-Babylonian & Syrian)
  • BL2420–2460 :  Egyptian Religion and Mythology
  • BR160–240 :  Early History of Christianity
  • G82–88 :  Ancient Geography
  • G1033 :  Atlases of the Ancient World
  • KJA :  Roman Law
  • ML162-169 :  Ancient Music
  • NA210–340 :  Ancient Architecture
  • NA69–169 :  Ancient Sculpture
  • ND60–135 :  Ancient Painting
  • NK4645–4654 : Greek & Roman Vases
  • U20-30 : Military Science, Ancient

Find Books by Subject

Use Library of Congress Subject Headings* in the  Library Catalog to locate books on your topic. Click image below (live link!) to be brought to the Browse search function in CATQuest.

These are some examples of Library of Congress subject headings on ancient Greece and Rome and ancient history:

mythology greek
mythology greek in art
mythology roman
mythology classical
mythology assyro-babylonian
mythology middle eastern
mythology egyptian
greece antiquities
greece history
rome antiquities
rome history
classical antiquities
middle east antiquities
mediterranean region antiquities
egypt antiquities
civilization classical
civilization greco-roman
civilization ancient
civilization assyro-babylonian
iraq civilization to 634
egypt civilization
greek poetry
greek drama
greek drama comedy
greek drama tragedy
greek literature
classical literature
latin poetry
latin drama
latin literature
art ancient
art roman
sculpture roman
art etruscan
sculpture greek
architecture roman
architecture greek
architecture classical
excavations archaeology greece
rome empire

rome history empire
rome history military
rome army
roman law
rome economic conditions
greece history miitary
athens greece history
iraq history to 634
egypt history
pyramids egypt
excavations archaeology egypt

theater greece
theater rome
Names of Individuals
(e.g., rulers, authors, etc.)-->
aristotle, alexander the great, amenhotep, etc.

TIP When viewing the list of subject headings on the screen after performing a search, note the additional subject headings provided that will lead to additional materials.