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United States--Major Reference Sources

African American National Biography (8 volumes)
E 185 .96 .A4466 2008 (Reference)
The definitive source of biographical information about 4,000 historically significant African Americans, both living and deceased. A supplement to the American National Biography, it
covers well-known as well as unheralded figures. Includes some portraits.

American National Biography (24 volumes)
E 176 .D565 1999 (Reference)
Includes about 17,500 signed biographies of people whose significant actions occurred during their residence in what is now the United States or whose life or career directly influenced the course of American history. Published in 1999, this successor to the Dictionary of American Biography updates and adds to the Dictionary of American Biography but is not a replacement for it. The American National Biography is also available online

Appleton’s Cyclopaedia of American Biography (9 volumes)
E 176 .A655
Information on about 15,000 prominent native and adopted citizens of the United States from earliest settlement of the country, plus several thousand eminent citizens of other countries in North and South America and persons of foreign birth closely associated with American history. Includes some portraits. Published 1887.

Dictionary of American Biography (19 volumes)
E 176 .D563
Scholarly essays on 19,173 deceased, noteworthy persons of all periods who lived in the territory now known as the United States. Narrower in scope than Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography and National Cyclopedia of American Biography, but articles are of greater distinction. First ten volumes originally published 1928-1937; ten supplements published 1941-1980.  The Dictionary of American Biography content is also available through the subscription database Biography in Context Icon

National Cyclopedia of American Biography (63 volumes)
E 176 .N27
Biographical sketches of persons prominently connected with the history of the United States. More comprehensive than Dictionary of American Biography and more up to date than Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography. Not arranged alphabetically; use indexes to find articles. Includes portraits. Published 1992-1978.

Notable American Women, 1607-1950: A Biographical Dictionary (3 volumes)
CT 3260 .N57
Profiles of 1,359 prominent women who were alive at the founding of the American colonies up to end of 1950, including the wives of presidents.

Notable American Women, the Modern period: A Biographical Dictionary
CT 3260 .N573
A supplement to Notable American Women, this volume covers 442 women who died between January 1951 and January 1976.

Oxford African American Studies Center Icon
Includes the full text of Black Women in America, African American National Biography, and Dictionary of African Biography, among other sources. Under "Browse by Category," click "Biographies."



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