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BCOR 101: Genetics - Keller (Fall 2018)

Using Groups

Groups allow you to share knowledge in a number of ways. This can be via discussion - with groups acting like a forum or message board - or by sharing reference materials and notes.

There are three types of groups:

  • Private Groups are designed to allow small teams to work together. The number of members is limited but allow the full text of reference materials (such as PDFs) to be shared between members. 
  • Invite-only Groups are publicly visible (they can be found by browsing or searching the Mendeley website), but can only be joined by users who are invited, or who apply and are approved by an administrator. 
  • Open Groups are totally public. They can be joined by anyone with a Mendeley account and any member can add new references to the group - although the can also be followed.

For class-based research projects, it is recommended students use the Private Group option. For more information on setting up and using Private Groups, see the Mendeley Private Group Guide.

Creating Groups