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BCOR 101: Genetics - Keller (Fall 2018)

Mendeley Desktop

Left Pane

On the far left is the information about your research library.


  • All Documents: All the documents in your library.
  • Recently Added: Documents added in the last 30 days.
  • Recently Read: PDFs recently opened.
  • Favorites: Documents in your library you "star".
  • Needs Review: The software is suggesting that something is missing or wrong with the citation information; double check these for accuracy!
  • My Publications: Publications for which you are an author.
  • Unsorted: Any publication that is not in a folder.
  • Create Folder...: Documents can be organized into folder based on theme, class, author, etc; there is no limit to the number of folders a document can be in. This is the best way to manage a large research library so you can find information quickly.


You can create groups to collaborate and share research (citations, PDFs, and notes).

Middle Pane

This pane displays the contents of the folder you have selected on in the left hand pane.

For example, if you have highlighted All Documents, a list of all the documents you have in All Documents will appear in the middle pane. The information includes all of the relevant citation information to help identify the document.

Organizing Documents

Right Pane

On the far right, the pane displays the document you have highlighted (click on) from the middle pane. The default view is Detailed; there are also options for Notes and Content (upper right).


  • Type: This is the type of information the document is; the default is Journal Article, but you can change it if necessary using the drop-down menu.
  • Authors: The authors of the document, organized by Last Name, First Name.
  • Journal: The title of the journal the document was published in. [Note: This field changes depending on the Type.]
  • Year: The year the document was published.
  • Volume: The volume the document was published.
  • Issue: The issue the document was published.
  • Pages: The page numbers of the document.
  • Abstract*: A short description of the document. [Optional]
  • DOI*: A unique identifier (code) for the document. [Optional]
  • Files: If you have the full text (e.g. PDF) of the article, the link to the article will appear here.


You can add any notes or quotes from the document.