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ASCI 001: Introductory Animal Sciences - Kerr/Kinghorn (Fall 2017)

Topic #2 MILK: Raw vs Pasteurized for Healthy Adults

Topic Background: More and more consumers today are forgoing pasteurized milk sold at the grocery store for “raw” milk, milk that is unpasteurized, or straight from the cow’s udder.   Raw milk appeals to people who seek natural and unprocessed foods, or to those who believe it’s healthier for you. However, health professionals warn that people who drink raw milk are playing “Russian roulette” with their health and claim that the risks associated with drinking raw milk far outweigh the benefits. Several states allow the sale of raw milk directly from farmers, but in limited quantities.  

  • Pro: Drinking raw milk by healthy adults is safe and should be legal in all states.
  • Con: Drinking raw milk by healthy adults is risky and should be illegal in all states.