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About WorldCat

Catalog records from OCLC member records covering 176 million items from 1000 B.C to present

Why use this resource? This resource is where you can locate items that you need for your research that are not held at the University of Vermont.  Items you find here can generally, but not always, be ordered through interlibrary loan.

What's in this resource? This resource has 176 million records of materials from before 1000 B.C to the present -- books, manuscripts,maps, and other formats.


Dates of Coverage
before 1000 B.C to present
Truncation or Wildcard

To search for a word and its plural form, add a plus sign + to the singular form. The plus + will search for any plural formed with either -s or -es. For example, giraffe+ retrieves all records that contain giraffe and giraffes.

Truncation allows you to search for a term and its variations by entering a minimum of the first three letters of the term followed by an asterisk *. For example, securit* retrieves records that contain security, securities, securitization, etc

A pound sign # represents a single character.

A question mark ?, alone or with a number, represents from zero to nine additional characters. Include a number if you know the maximum number of characters the wildcard will replace. Otherwise, use the question mark ? alone to represent any number of characters within a single term, including no additional characters.

Note: Wildcards can only be used after the third character of a term.

Phrase Searching Use of "" gives exact phrase e.g. "near east" "middle ages"
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