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About Urban Forestry

Why and how to use Urban Forestry

Why use this resource?  Urban Forestry contains references to journal articles, books, confererence proceedings, and government documents focusing on all aspects of urban forestry including: history, legislation, maintenance, planning, management, programs, and more.  This database has been created and is maintained by the University of Minnesota Libraries and corresponds to their urban forestry collection.

What's in this resource? Urban Forestry contains citations with short, one sentence summaries of each resource and subject keywords.


Forestry, Ecology, Environment. Environmental Policy, Geography, Natural Resource Management
Dates of Coverage 1980 - present
Truncation or Wildcard automatic - ecolog retrieves ecology, ecological, ecologies, etc.
Phrase Searching none - database only searches individual words and assumes an "and" between words
Vendor University of Minnesota Libraries
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