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About TLS Historical Archive 1902-200X

Why and how to use TLS Historical Archive 1902-200X

Why use this resource? This resource is a searchable database of the full content (i.e., every page) of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) from 1902 to 5 years ago (moving wall).

What's in this resource? Full-text reviews (books, theatre productions, films, musical performances, exhibitions), essays, poems, letters to the editor, advertisements, and additional matter.


Dance, Drama, Film Studies, Literature, Music, Poetry, Theatre
Dates of Coverage 1902-2010 (moving wall of 5 years)
Truncation or Wildcard *  substitutes for one or more characters at the end of a word or root word
?  substitutes for a single character within a word or at the end of a word
Phrase Searching "brave new world"
Vendor Gale Cengage Learning
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