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About Repère

Why and how to use Repère.

Why use this resource? A French language index to articles in over 650 general and specialist/scholarly French language periodicals published in all fields of knowledge throughout the francophone world (including Québec, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland).

What's in this resource? 549,000 citations to French language periodical literature with full text access to more than 100,000 articles.


French Language, Romance Languages, Language, Linguistics
Dates of Coverage
Truncation or Wildcard * Use the asterisk as a wildcard for one or more characters anywhere in the word.
Phrase Searching Enclose phrase between quotation marks, for example "syndicats en france" in the sujet + titre + résume box will retrieve all instances of the phrase in subject, title and abstract fields of the record.
Services documentaires multimédia (SDM) in collaboration with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ).


Additional details on searching Repère can be found in French and/or English on Repère's page d'accueil.