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About PsycINFO

Why and how to use PsycINFO.

Why use this resource?   Use PsycINFO to find scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, books and dissertations in psychology and the social, behavioral and health sciences.

What's in this resource? PsycINFO contains citations with abstracts for articles, book chapters, books and dissertations, plus links to the full text of articles in journals to which UVM subscribes.


Psychological Sciences, Counseling, Human Development, Tests, Psychosocial Sciences, Organizational Development, Advertising, Management, Human Resources

Dates of Coverage Early 1700s-present, with 1967-present indexed with Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms
Truncation or Wildcard

* replaces one or more characters at end of word or root

? replaces any single character, either inside the word or at the right end of word
Phrase Searching "affective regulation"
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