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About Poetry Criticism

Why and how to use Poetry Criticism

Why use this resource?  Full-length or excerpted criticism of poetry and biographical information about significant poets worldwide from all eras. Presents a range of modern and historical views on poets and their works.

What's in this resource? Full-text English-language literary criticism from books and journals; biographical profiles; for each entry, a chronological list of the writer's major works and a list of further reading; work overviews (e.g., Waste Land); topic overviews (e.g., skaldic poetry).


biographies, literary criticism, literature, poetry
Dates of Coverage
 varies (literary criticism/reviews/topic and work overviews)
Truncation or Wildcard * substitutes for one or more characters at the end of a word or root word
? substitutes for a single character within a word or at the end of a word
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Connects directly to Literature Criticism Online (LCO). Upon entering, select this resource from the "by Product/Series" pull-down menu.