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About Masterplots

Why and how to use Masterplots

Why use this resource? Database of full-text summaries of books, plays, stories, poems; profiles of authors, and characters in American literature, African American literature, British and Commonwealth literature, World literature (fiction, drama, short stories, poetry, nonfiction, juvenile and young adult).

What's in this resource? Each entry lists author, type of work, type of plot, time of plot, locale, first publish date, summary, description of characters, themes and meaning, a brief evaluative essay, and sources for further study.


biographies, drama, literary criticism, literature
Dates of Coverage
ancient authors-present
Truncation or Wildcard * substitutes for one or more characters at the end of a word or root word
? substitutes for a single character within a word or at the end of a word
Phrase Searching "new england" (or use Advanced Search and type terms in the "EXACT PHRASE" search box)
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