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About Environment Complete

Why and how to use Environment Complete

Why use this resource? Environment Complete references journal and periodical articles, conference papers, and monographs in broad areas related to the environment, including but not limited to: ecology, energy, agriculture, natural resources, geography, pollution, law, policy, social and human impacts, and planning. This database is a great starting point for environmental research.

What's in this resource? Environment Complete contains citations with abstracts, with some full text and links to full text.


Ecology, Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Geography, Human Ecology, Pollution, Natural Resources, Water, Wildlife and Wildlife Management
Dates of Coverage
coverage varies by title, primarily 1990s - present with some coverage back to 1940s
Truncation or Wildcard

* substitutes for one or several characters at the end of a word or root word

? substitutes for a single character within a word

# used within words for alternative spellings of words; looks for word with or without extra character
Phrase Searching "climate change" and to search exact words that end in s: "news"
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